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Based on the constant need for development and modernization, and because we really know your needs, we have provided you with Honista, which is a new application with unique and exclusive unprecedented features with an amazing user experience. Honista application 2024 version 8.2 is available for free with periodic updates for all Android devices starting from version 4.4.

Are you still interested? So welcome, below you will get to know in detail about Honista.

What is Honista App?

Honista is a professionally developed application with exclusive features designed specifically for you in order to get the best possible user experience, at the same time you do not need more applications to carry out simple tasks such as viewing an account picture or downloading a video clip or image and other things which users of all social media applications need these days.

Why should you use Honista?

With every moment that you complete in reading these lines, you will really wonder why I have not used or download Honista until now, and that is despite the availability of the official version and many developed applications, Honista outperforms everyone with the quality of development, compatibility with all phones, and the effectiveness of the tools and features available in it. This is in addition to the continuous updates that we release with the aim of improving and developing the application and making it more suitable for all users.

We also listen to your inquiries and suggestions through our accounts on social networking sites in general and on Telegram in particular, and we take them into account with every new update, so the number of Honista users is increasing at an amazing speed until the time of writing these lines reached more than 5 million users.

Honista is always updated

We are constantly updating Honista to add more new features, and we are also working to improve the user experience and make the application more suitable for all users, so it is necessary to make sure that you download the latest version of Honista through our download page, or if you already have the application installed, you can Follow these steps to check for new updates.

  1. Open Honista app and then go to Settings through the toolbar at the top of the interface.
  2. From Settings, head to the “About Honista” option.
  3. You will find the option “Check for a new update”, click on it.
  4. Wait a few moments and you will see a message that tells you whether there is a new update or not.

Security and Privacy in Honista

Respecting your privacy is an established value for us, so we take the privacy of your data and your usage very seriously, and we do not tolerate this matter because it has a direct impact on a huge number of users who trusted our services and downloaded Honista, so we added in the latest update the conversation encryption feature, which would provide As much protection as possible for your conversations and data, and with each new update, we work to improve our services by keeping in mind a strong set of privacy principles.

Privacy in Honista does not end here either, as we provide you with more options through which you can obtain maximum privacy in the application. Here are the most important privacy settings.

  • Change the application icon to appear as the icon of any other application, such as the clock or notes.
  • Show or hide the hidden chats icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide notifications from hidden conversations.
  • Set a lock for conversations with a pin code or fingerprint.
  • Control to show or hide hidden conversations when unlocking the conversations list.
  • Set a lock for the application as a whole using a password or fingerprint.
  • Automatically lock the application after a specified period of time.
  • Show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar.

Full privacy with Ghost mode in Honista

Do you want to browse Honista without disturbance? We also provide you with exclusive features that allow you to use the application with complete freedom and privacy that is not available in any other application, through the new ghost mode, which in turn completely hides the appearance in the application. The tasks of the ghost feature can be summarized as follows.

  • Show stories without sending seen.
  • View messages in conversations without sending that you have shown them to the other party.
  • Join the live broadcast without your name appearing in the list of viewers, and the number of viewers does not change either.

Unlimited customization

With a distinctive package of new and improved tools and features in Honista v5.0, you can now customize everything in the application, and here we are talking about literally everything so that you can customize the colors of the interfaces, change the fonts, and use different fonts so that you have Honista with an iOS font or any other font you want, You can also customize the emoji so that it looks like the iOS as well, without the need for other applications.

Customization and modification options include:

  • Enable or disable night mode or dark mode manually.
  • The Theme changes the entire app to more than 50 different colors.
  • Add a custom background to all conversations at once.
  • Choose between more than 10 styles of conversation emoji.
  • Add new fonts that can be used on the application interface as a whole.
  • Control the fonts used in the stories and customize them completely.

High-quality professional tools

Honista exclusively provides a built-in set of tools and add-ons that allow you to perform tasks that were complex before or that you need other applications to do, with these tools you can increase your productivity by reducing the time you spend on carrying out these tasks by using the magic wand icon that You will find it appearing in any post, whether it is a photo, video, or story. Here are the most important content tools available in Honista:

  • Downloading the post media like video or images in one go.
  • Open with the mobile player “Play videos with the player from your phone”.
  • Download the cover of the post “The cover appears when sharing the post on social platforms.”
  • Repost the entire post with all details on your account.
  • Copy the caption of the post.
  • View the photo of the account that posted that post and there is also an option to download that photo.
  • View full post details.

Content and Ads control filters

In order for us to make Honista suitable for each user in particular, we took into account the preferences and options that users of the application need, so we added and improved the filters feature, through which you can customize the content that appears to you in Honista, and the filter options include two main groups, which are as follows.

First: remove ads and suggestions

This group includes options that allow you to control the appearance of ads and advertisers.

  • Remove sponsored ads.
  • Remove suggested posts.
  • Remove suggested pages.
  • Activate anti-ads and advertisers.
  • Displays a list of pages where anti-ads is enabled.

Second: post filters

The options available in this group give you control over what content is shown to you.

  • Remove posts that contain videos.
  • Remove posts that contain pictures.
  • Remove posts from private pages.
  • Remove posts from public pages.
  • Remove liked posts.
  • Remove previously viewed posts.

Control internet consumption in Honista

You do not have to worry about running out of the internet plan anymore, despite the large internet consumption on Honista due to the quality of the content such as photos, videos, and stories available on the application, this is not a problem anymore because we have provided the feature to reduce data consumption through some simple options, which are as follows.

  • Upload images at the lowest quality available.
  • Download the video in the lowest quality available.
  • Delete posts that contain videos.

Downloading media is now easier by using Honista

With Honista, you will not need third-party applications to download media such as photos and videos from the application, thanks to the new features that allow you to download these media instantly from the application itself. You can download pictures, videos, and stories by using Honista in several ways, including the following easiest two ways.

Direct media download

With this feature, you can download any video, photo, or story directly, all you have to do is press once on the download icon that is usually at the top of the posts, and then the download starts directly.

Custom media download

You can choose and customize what you want to download from Honista by clicking on the magic wand icon that we explained before, and then choosing what suits you from the options, which includes almost everything.

Special features exclusive to Honista

As we mentioned at the beginning, everything in Honista is customizable and controllable, so we provided you with an entire section in the settings so that you can control what tools appear to you specifically, all features are activated by default, but you can deactivate them with ease, and the settings include the following.

  • Download settings.
  • Special features of the “magic wand”.
  • Remove ads and suggestions.
  • Filter publications and application content.
  • Reduce internet consumption.
  • Special Features of Story
  • Special features of Reels.
  • Profile features.
  • Special features for conversations.
  • Toolbar settings.

Honista Backup Settings

You can keep your settings in Honista easily through the backup and restore feature, which allows you to save all your settings and preferences in a file that you can restore later on the same phone or any other phone, to make a backup, follow the following steps.

  1. From the toolbar, click on the Settings icon.
  2. From Settings, choose Backup Settings.
  3. Click on Create Backup, then click OK.
  4. It will show you where to save the backup file on your phone.
  5. You can now share your settings with your friends or restore them on another phone.

Advanced settings in Honista

For professional users, we have provided you with the ability to control all the features and settings of Honista completely and without limits, and this includes every simple or advanced feature in the application as a whole, but you should be careful when changing these settings without knowledge because it may affect your use of the application and disable certain features that you actually need, but Even if this happens, you can delete the application and re-install it again, and then all settings will return to default.


Downloading media (Images, Videos, Stories).
Copying Bio and comments.
Unlimited privacy with Ghost mode.
More features with Developer Options.

What’s New?

Implement Show Expired Stories (instead of 24 hours, you have access to stories for 48 hours)
Implement Activity History (Quick Access for Searching Seen Posts, Pages, Stories and Reels)
Implement Profile Magic Button (Copy Bio, Enlarge Profile Photo, Expired Stories, Anti Ads)
Implement Copy Caption for Reels
Fix Bugs


Does the Honista application work alongside the official application? Yes, Honista works without issues if it is installed while the official version of Instagram is present.
Does the Honista application cause a ban from using Instagram? In most cases, no. However, with excessive use of the features provided by Honista, the user might be subjected to a ban.
Is the Honista application available for iPhones? So far, there hasn't been an official release of Honista, but we plan to launch a version specifically for the iOS system soon.